Friday, February 8, 2013

WinRAR Password Remover

WinRAR Password Remover Tool knocks out passwords from rar and zip files. This tool is intended to work for files password protected with WinRar software.

WinRAR is a powerful archives  manager. This software offers support for rar and zip files but also for some other file types like 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, etc. We will mainly focus on ZIP and RAR file formats because that’s where WinRAR Password Remover show his efficiency by acting as a RAR Password Remover and ZIP Password Remover.

Since you here reading this article I am sure you had problems with forgotten passwords, it often happens to compress a file and set a password for it and then after a while when we want to see those file(s) again we don’t know the password anymore. This just one face of the story, it can also happen to download a file from the internet and when you try to open it you can’t because is a password protected rar or zip file.

Our easy to use tool, can help you a lot if you are having password related problems like exampled a few rows up. WinRAR Password Remover will remove the undesired passwords with just a few clicks and it won’t last an eternity to do that like those WinRAR Password Recovery tools do. More then that this tool is very lite and can be easily stored to a mail or a flash drive so you can have access to it from any place not just from your home computer.

How WinRAR Password Remover Works ?

Well…this is very simple, as you may see in the picture bellow there are only 2 buttons you have to use :

WinRAR Password Remover

Browse – Browse in your local computer for the rar or zip file that you want to remove the password from.
Remove Password – after you have selected the password protected file click this second button.
Now WinRAR Password Remover will get to work, you will have to wait a few moments until the load bar completes and you receive the confirmation dialog that the password was removed and you can open the archive.

And so after 2 clicks and some waiting time, “Voila” when you try to open the file no password will be requested anymore. And is 100% guaranteed that all files and information will be intact, the only removed thing is the password and nothing else.

Note: Do not try to open the file until the load bar from WinRar Password Remover reaches to end, this may cause the application to malfunction and as was reported by some users it auto shut down. Is not such a big loss because it doesn’t take long to reopen and try again but is good to be known.

WinRar Password Remover Video Proof

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